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My Life's Purpose

Share the Love of God through empowering, educating, inspiring, and loving those I come in contact with. I do that through many ways, but mostly, as a creative, educator, and entrepreneur.

  • The Creative

    My creativity comes in many forms, painting, drawing, jewelry making, home decor, writing, and more. Here you will be able to share my creativity by adding my creations to your home. This is where you will find Sincerely, Peace.

  • The Educator

    I am passionate about empowering minds of all ages and backgrounds in the areas of English, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Self-Love, Care, and Advancement. I have a Master's in Educational Leadership, Certified Teacher, and am a Continuous Learner. You can book me for workshops and other speaking engagements.

  • The Entrepreneur

    After having many side hustles since 5th grade, I decided to take a faith jump and become a full-time entrepreneur. I am the owner of Kindred Creatives Art and literary Press which is a bookstore, marketplace, creative space, and gathering space. It is located in Lewisville, Tx in Music City Mall.

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CReneeArt Portfolio

CicelyRenee aka CReneeArt has a love for sharing art to reflect joy, peace, and love. 

She enjoys painting black women and children, it is a reflection of who she is and how she sees the world. She loves painting natural art such as leaves, landscapes, and flowers. Most of her work is intuitive and not hyper realistic. God continues to bless her in her creative expression which she shares with the world. 

You can find her artwork on Tee Shirts, Totes, Journals, Prints and more. 

She currently isn't accepting commissions at this time. 

CReneeArt Art portfolio