3 Intentional Ways To Protect Your Peace

3 Intentional Ways To Protect Your Peace

Peace is a lifestyle, you have heard me say this a billion times! Maybe not, but this is my lifestyle. I began this peaceful journey after my divorce from a man that aided and abetted a lifestyle filled with toxicity, stress, and bad vibes. The negative energy was there, in my mind, body, and my hair. In fact, I had to cut off my 7 year old locs. I needed to start over, releasing that toxicity and allowing peace to grow out of me. But in order for it to grow out of me, I needed to plant those seeds of peace in me.

This journey is a beautiful one. It is sweet. It is healing. It is a right! You have the right to protect your peace! 

Here are 3 Intentional Ways to Protect Your Peace

1. Make a contract with yourself to pursue and give yourself permission to seek peace and make it a lifestyle. 

2. Plant seeds of peace in self and in others. Seeds are words. Seeds are actions. Seeds then become behaviors. Make sure those seeds are being watered and guarded. When there is a big storm, cover those seeds and plants to protect them.

3. Create a Peace Sanctuary which can be physical and symbolic. Create a ritual or routine that you can retreat to replenish your peace in your mind body and soul. 

If you are ready to go on this journey, be sure to check out the journal, The Power In Peace which is a 21 day guided digital journal. Get it for half off before Feb 28, 2022 with the code: SeekPeace.

This is your opportunity to give yourself permission to pursue peace as a lifestyle! 

Peace Sis! 


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