Creating Rituals That Promote Peace as a Lifestyle

Creating Rituals That Promote Peace as a Lifestyle

Yall, seeking peace as a lifestyle is something you have to do intentionally. Creating habits and rituals that are dedicated to fostering peace will allow these habits to become a second language. You must practice it or you will lose it. 


In my digital journal, The Power in Peace, we talk about creating a ritual using the 5 senses, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and feeling to help you create  a ritual. This helps with grounding yourself. 

Questions to ask yourself:

1. Why do I deserve Peace as a Lifestyle?

2. What ways have I already created boundaries to protecting my peace?

3. In what areas of life do I want to be more intentional with protecting my peace?

Peace is a right and not a privilege. 


Here is a video that explains in more detail. 


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