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21-Day Digital Guided Journal for Entrepreneurs

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If you are reading this, then you might be an entrepreneur or are thinking about becoming one. Wherever you are in your journey, reflection is vital for growth. You can be a candlemaker, business coach, boutique owner, mechanic, or any line of business, this is still very important for your business to be elevated to the next level.

Being strategic and aware will wipe away the dirt and smudges from your glasses and you will be able to see much clearer, and things will get brighter. So I dare you to take 10 mins for the next 21 days to Journal With Me so that you can quiet the noise and refocus on your business.

How to use: Take it one day at a time Journal Page: Prompt and Things that stand out to you which means after your reflection, reread it and point out some epiphanies, or words/phrases that stand out. Daily Ah Ha- after journaling, fill out these boxes to help you stay alert and inspired by your day. Thank you for purchasing this journal.


NOTE: This is a digital product, you will not receive a physical copy. You can print it. 

I suggest downloading it to a Tablet or iPad. I use good notes and just write directly on it.


Because it is digital, there are no returns or exchanges. But if you do have a problem, please reach out to me! 


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