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Empower Micro-Webinar: Pivot, Why You and Your Business Need To

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In our Empower Micro-Webinars, spend time watching a video that guides you through the guided workbooks for different areas of your life. Maybe you are focusing on self--care, self-improvement, seeking peace, healing, entrepreneurship, or whatever, these micro-webinars are the key!!!


In this Pivot Empower Micro-Webinar, you will receive a 24-page workbook to guide you in taking the next steps to take your business or goals to the next level. Comes with a video webinar helping you through the process. 

If you have been grinding and hustling, pushing, and promoting but seem to be going nowhere, this is for you! 

Whether it's finances, family, or friends. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a career gal. Whatever the situation is, you are just waiting for your break or shift to happen that will make all the difference.


Spend time focusing on the word PIVOT and how it can help you maneuver your goals!

This digital guided workbook is just what you need!

Print it out or use it digitally, it is up to you!


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