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Living With God in the Time of Ambiguity a Memoir by Cicely Carr

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I am so excited to present to you my latest book, which goes into my life after losing my bookstore and being unsure of what is next! 

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Too many times we think that we are supposed to go through challenging times alone. We spend that time doing any and everything to survive. We enter a season where we just have no idea what to do next and we are begging God to give us a sign and God is just like hush child, relax, just as Jesus calmed the storm in Luke 4 and said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” Jesus was right there with them and they still were afraid. They were too disturbed by all the noise and instability to realize Jesus was there and is not worried about a thing.

In this book, Cicely takes you on her journey of losing her business, not having any plans, and being confused about what to do next. She struggled with hearing from God until she learned how to truly live with God and trust in him as she traveled through this season of ambiguity.

It is filled with scriptures, reflection questions, and true experiences that will inspire you to fully trust and rely on God during times in your life when you do not know what to do.

Cicely Carr is an artist, educator, author, and creative living in Lewisville, TX. She recently launched the Creative Wellness Project, a Faith-Based Art, and Journaling Community.


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